Practical Training for Mindful Teaching and for Teaching Mindfulness

Mindful Education Project offers courses specifically designed to assist educators in developing and implementing mindfulness in the classroom. We provide practical ways to develop and integrate relaxed, focused attention and kind interaction in the school community. By cultivating mindful awareness in their personal and professional lives, teachers report:

  • More productive classrooms
  • Decreased stress levels
  • Increased sense of well-being
  • Better management of students' behavior
  • Improved relationships with students
  • Enhanced immune systems
With the development of mindful teaching,
the effectiveness of teaching mindfulness to students is greatly enhanced.


Offerings for Administrators and Teachers

Introduction to Mindfulness for Educators

(Two-Hour Class: Once a Week for Four Weeks)

Through teaching, guided practices, and exercises, participants of this course are guided and supported in the development of mindful awareness. Through discussion and direct experiencing, we explore incorporating the qualities of this relaxed attentional focus and compassionate interest in a school setting, as well as in daily life.

Cost: $140 / participant (includes Practice Guide and Journal)

Integrating Mindfulness in the Classroom

(Two-Hour Class: Once a Week for Four Weeks)

This course assists educators in practical ways of developing their students' attentional focus, presence, and compassionate kindness. Through teaching, discussion, exercises, and practices, participants explore multiple, age-appropriate ways of cultivating mindfulness in the classroom.

Cost: $140 / participant (includes Practice Guide and Journal)

Day-Long Mindfulness Retreat for Educators

(Six-Hour Session)

This retreat in a peaceful setting provides a day of mindfulness practice, gentle yoga, creativity and experiential exercises.

Cost: $110 / participant.

Ongoing Consultation

Our consultation services include in-school meetings for administrators and faculty members who have participated in Mindful Education Project sessions.

Cost: Negotiated


Age-appropriate Mindfulness Training

Mindful Education Project has provided mindfulness training to hundreds of Monterey County elementary, middle, high school, college and graduate school students.

Recent research indicates that secular mindfulnes-based programs in educational settings can:

  • Promote attentional focus
  • Increase social-emotional regulation
  • Improve academic performance
  • Lead to improved working memory
  • Enhance executive functioning
  • Decrease stress and anxiety

Teachers are welcome to observe and participate in the students' training so they can continue to deepen the qualities of mindfulness in their present and future classrooms. This invitation is particularly beneficial for teachers who have participated in one or more of the educators' trainings.

Offerings for Students

Introduction to Mindfulness for Elementary School Students

(20-Minute Classes: Three Times per Week for Five Weeks)

Through guided practices, discussion, and creativity exercises, students are introduced to the foundations of mindfulness as a resource to calm down, focus attention, and cultivate kindness for themselves and others.

Cost: $850 per classroom (up to 25 students) + $10 per student materials fee.

Introduction to Mindfulness for Teens

(One-Hour Class: Once per Week for Six Weeks)

Designed specifically for adolescents, this course is intended to teach and engage mindfulness in reducing stress, managing emotions, and feeling connected.

Cost: $850 per classroom (up to 25 students) + $10 per student for the Practice Guide and Journal

Introduction to Mindfulness in High School Athletics and Performing Arts Training

(One-Hour Class Once per Week for Four Weeks)

Research has shown the mindfulness training can increase retrieval cues for working memory and sustain calm. This course features an introduction to the foundations of mindfulness and the application of mindful awareness as an integrated part of training, practice, and performance in arts and athletics.

Cost: $500 per group (up to 25 participants) + $10 per student for the Practice Guide and Journal.

Introduction to Mindfulness as Part of SAT Preparation
and the College Application Process

(One-Hour Class: Once per Week for Six weeks)

This course features an introduction to the foundations of mindfulness and the application of mindful awareness to reduce stress, increase focus, engage working memory, and enhance self-compassion.

Cost: $850 per group (up to 20 participants) + $10 per student for the Practice Guide and Journal.

De-Stress-A-Thon for Teens: Breathing Space to Calm and Connect

(Six-hour Retreat)

In a beautiful setting, participants develop a tool-box for calming the mind and opening the heart. Through guided mindfulness practices, creative exercises and relationship-building games, students learn practical ways to de-stress, become aware of their internal world, and connect with themselves and others.

Cost: $125 per participant (includes Practice Guide & Journal)

Offerings for Parents

Parents Introduction / Question & Answer Session

(One-hour Meeting)

This meeting engages parents in the school's program by providing a forum to explore mindfulness and its benefits, describe student trainings and answer questions.

Cost: $100

Mindful Parenting Workshop

(Five-Hour Workshop)

This workshop provides an introduction to the foundations and basic practice of mindfulness. Through guided practice, discussion and experiential exercises, we explore specific, practical ways of reducing stress and enhancing the parent-child relationship through deep listening, embodied presence, and skillful response.

Cost: $100 per participant

The Mindfulness Movie

(Two-Hour Meeting)

This offering for educators, parents and students provides an excellent introduction to mindfulness. The application and benefits of mindful awareness in academic, emotional and social arenas are explored through screening and discussion of this entertaining film.

Cost: $200

I have learned to be mindful about my feelings and emotions and how to calm myself down. I will use what I've learned in my life by being more kind to myself and others while noticing how I feel without judging."

-- High School Student