Marianne B. Rowe, MS, MFT

With over 30 years experience as a licensed psychotherapist as well as almost 10 years as a pre-school and elementary school teacher, Marianne B. Rowe has made serving children, adolescents and adults her life's work. She began her personal practice and study of mindfulness in the 1990's and was inspired to develop a curriculum to bring this secular practice of bringing non-judgmental attention to the present moment into school settings.

Since 2006, Marianne B. Rowe has been teaching mindfulness to Monterey County educators and students. She has developed and taught curriculum specifically designed for children, teenagers, and young adults at public and private schools. She also developed and taught a curriculum for a research project investigating the impact of mindfulness training in the lives and performance of post-graduate interpreting students. Her courses have consistently received outstanding evaluations along with requests for more.

Marianne presented at "The Contemplative Academy" conference in 2010. She also participated in the 2007 ground-breaking gathering, "Mindfulness in the Classroom," in Oakland, CA, as well as the 2009 "Mind and Life" international conference of educators, scientists, and contemplative, "Educating World Citizens for the 21st Century."

In her study and exploration of mindfulness and education since the 1990s, Marianne has trained with Daniel Siegel, Rick Hanson, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Jack Kornfield, Thich Nhat Hahn, Pema Chodron, Amy Saltzman, Gina Biegel, and Susan Kaiser-Greenfield. For a more detailed listing of her training and experience in mindful education, see the listing here. She has also trained and facilitated training in inter-subjective meditation, a relational practice which engages qualities of mindfulness (presence, non-judgmentalness, and focused attention) as a pathway for building authentic connection with others.

In addition to her Mindful Education Project curriculum development, consultation and teaching, Marianne is a Marriage and Family Therapist and mindfulness teacher in Pacific Grove, CA mariannerowe.net

She is a co-founder of Monterey Bay Meditation Studio. The Studio, which offers classes, courses, retreats, and drop-in meditation sessions, is dedicated to creating an environment for supporting and sustaining mindfulness and compassion as part of daily life. With a focus on cultivating conscious relationship with self, others and the natural world, Monterey Bay Meditation Studio offers a secular space for meditation, connection, reflection and learning. It is the first of its kind in Northern California. Please visit montereybaymeditation.com

Marianne also co-facilitates workshops which focus on integrating mindfulness into the creative process mindfulpainting.com

Katie Dutcher, MA

An educator since 2004 (both as a teacher and administrator), Katie Dutcher has studied and practiced meditation and mindfulness since 2009. She is a Qualified Teacher of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) through the Center for Mindfulness, and she has received training from Mindful Schools. Katie has presented at multiple conferences on aspects of intercultural competence, exploring how administrators and instructors can enhance relationships and communication in intercultural contexts.

Katie teaches mindfulness in local schools from elementary through graduate level, and she teaches MBSR at the Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula. She has special interests in reflective writing, practicing mindfulness in daily life, and awareness of the natural environment. Katie writes about mindfulness and offers personal mindfulness coaching at katiedutcher.com and is a co-founder of Monterey Bay Meditation Studio.

"I appreciate that you taught me how to be more calm when I take a test or a quiz. That was very helpful to me. I would also like to thank you for helping me find my happy and peaceful place."

-- 6th-grade Student