What is Mindful Education Project?

Serving the Monterey Peninsula since 2006, Mindful Education Project provides mindfulness education and training for teachers, administrators, and students from kindergarten through the post-graduate level.

Through coursework, classes, and community gatherings, educators and students develop the capacity for focused attention, emotional regulation, and kind relationship with themselves, each other, and the world.

Our Mission Statement

Mindful Education Project is an integral program designed to
catalyze, support, and sustain mindful teaching and mindful learning

Comprehensive Programs

Mindful Education Project is one of the most comprehensive mindfulness training programs being offered today, Its modular approach with multiple modes of "entry" is truly unique. By providing trainings for educators, students and parents, as well as avenues for building connection and cohesiveness, the focus is on bringing the benefits of mindfulness to staff, students and community.

Proven Benefits of Mindfulness Training

Recent research has shown that the integration of mindfulness training in school settings can:

  • Decrease teachers' and students' stress, anxiety and fatigue;
  • Improve performance in athletic and performing arts through increased ability to hold attentional focus, access memory retrieval cues, and sustain calm;
  • Cultivate more productive, calmer classrooms;
  • Enhance students' focusing ability, emotional regulation and compassion for themselves and each other;
  • Improve students' academic performance;
  • Increase teachers' emotional well-being and ability to manage classroom behavior.

"I have learned how to keep calm when you are overwhelmed or just frustrated. It really helps me kind of collect myself and sort things out when there is a lot of stuff going on."

-- High School Student